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The key to a successful song is fueled by many things. The most important is having producers that are able to work together towards bringing a concept to reality. They must be patient, but firm and be on the cutting edge of whats going on with music and the trends that are driving it. They themselves must have clearly defined goals and objectives and want to be the best in their craft. They must have the same drive and determination as the artist and care deeply about the results of their work. When you have this in your production team great things are going to happen.


Meet our producers who embody the very characteristics that yield Grammy winning results.

Chuck Cymone

If you listen to the radio you’re heard songs Chuck Cymone recorded, written or arranged.  Songwriting and music production has kept Chuck in front of the top recording artists throughout his Music career.  In 1985, Chuck began to thrive in the music industry in his hometown of Baltimore.  Migrating to the Los Angeles area, Chuck earned success quickly as one the most talented musicians of our generation.  Chuck has worked with artists such as Diane Warren, Madonna, Lionel Richie, and Beyoncé, just to name a few.  His first love is songwriting.  A master at his craft; Chuck has composed for many known musicians, television and film

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Grant Nicholas (GNick)


G Nick is a proud endorsee of Yamaha/Steinberg products (Cubase 7.5, Wavelab 8). Also the CME line of USB midi controllers which feature the CME ASX Expansion Card. He also endorse the Lewitt Mics. He has worked with such artist as: Sy Smith, Mya, Ne-yo, Jon b, Immature, Sheila E, CJ Emmons, Kiki Kyte, The Regiment Horns, Rob Gee, and Blu Mitchell. He has also scored and composed for several major tv shows and movies. Listings upon request.


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Music is my life and I am so blessed to be able to express myself through music. Music has taken me places that I would have never imagined both physically and mentally.Producing music is my passion and I am driven to be the best at it. I have been fortunate enough to have had mentors who were icon's in the music business that constantly reminded me to always allow my work to speak for me. Be versatile don't stick with one genre or sound,mix it all together and bridge the gaps that separate music and music lovers everywhere.. love it all!  I heed those lesson's everyday and bring that attitude to each and every project. You ready for that next level production , get at me ASAP, lets do work , lets get it in!!



Realizing at an early age that I heard things that most people did'nt, becoming a producer of music was more geared towards wanting to make music that would change the world. I like watching the way people respond to my ideas and then seeing the whole thing come together as a song is amazing and gratifying.


I also know that there is a responsiblity that comes with being a producer and understanding that music is such a powerful tool made me aware of the role I could play in building communities while, healing and influencing the lives of people through music. Music is that one medium that is always there. So as I am blessed with the ability to make music it is my responsiblity to use this gift to change lives by bringing positive music to the community. The movment is called UNITY ERA, we are building and uplifting communities through the power of music.


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