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 At BTMB we firmly understand today’s music and entertainment environment. If you don’t have a marketable product, you don’t have a product. You must know what people are buying be it your target audience or the music and entertainment executive.


BTMB has positioned itself as a conduit of opportunity for artist. Our core competencies are Artist Development, Production, Music Placement, Marketing, Distribution and Management.


 We have access to some of the most influential executives in the Music, Film and Television  industry and have positioned ourselves as the go to brand for new music,new artist, writers and producers. We are very progressive and forward thinking and believe in working from the top down.


We are an efficient well run organization whose sole purpose is to get the most out of what we do , be the best at what we do and transcend  what once was into what is.  We are very serious about our work, and only want to work with like-minded professionals. If  you are “Quick but not in a hurry” (John Wooden).  We can do great things together.

BTMB is a movement, we are revolutionaries who bring real music back while reforming the music industry and music culture.There is a new paradigm taken place in the music industry and we know what it is.  BTMB is the only brand capable of making a significant change to how music business is done.  

Bringing The Music Back/ BTMB is our mantra and our Brand. We will not compromise on either.

Lets Go!!


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