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Chris Golightly/CASPER creating"Next Level Music"

Casper has written many Singles / Songs for Korean, Japanese and Chinese Talented Pop Groups such as Super Junior M "SWING" "Addiction", Lee Min woo "TAXI", U Kiss "LOVE ON YOU" "FEEL IT", YoonHak "ELLA", B1A4 "Vitamin Chocolate", the amazing Kara "HAPPY HAPPY LOVE,  Nu'est "GoodBye Baby", Flower "DOLPHIN BEACH", Z:EA "Here I AM", Jewelry "Back it Up", TVXQ "Rumor" and so many more.


 Being a Performer, Producer & Song-writer has been a great journey so far . Casper has shift his focus towards developing his own sound and has teamed of with Tony Popular , BTMB Ent. along with the Outsidaz to create that unique sound that will distinguish him from  other artist and soon with the release of songs like "My Creation" and "This is It", he hopes to expand on his gifts on a higher level .


Life is full of surprises. Staying humble Casper will  learn and share what he knows with those all around the globe. Thank you for reading. Best Wishes to you ALL!



In the 1990’s Byron began touring with the legendary soul singer Bobby Womack, the tours included performances in Japan, Europe and all over the U.S.

Byron has been the opening act for such artists as B.B.King, Michael McDonald, James Ingram, Starship, K.C. and the Sunshine Band and was for a time lead guitarist for legendary R&B group The Gap Band, and that’s a short list.

In 1997 Byron joined the legendary Buddy Miles best known as drummer for Jimi Hendrix and the band of Gypsy’s, they set out on a worldwide tour until 2002

Later on in 2002 Byron began performing his tribute to Jimi Hendrix as THE MIRROR IMIJ EXPERIENCE, he would perform for major corporations such as Microsoft, Ted Turner, Pepsi Inc., and Disney as well as performances on both coast and Mexico before settling in Las Vegas. 





This Transcendent R&B artist has that blend of traditional R&B with a 
nice touch of Hip Hop and he credits his musical influences to the 
likes of Music Soul Child, Robin Thicke,Jon B., Eminem, Bill Withers, 
Stevie Wonder to name a few.

Get ready because this is just a sample of what's to come from this 
talented young Artist Writer, Musician and Producer. With his roots 
firmly planted in Gospel and R&B music,it is apparent where his 
soulful influences have come from.

Chris is determined to turn heads and change minds and believes that 
through music he can express his love of life, people and all things 
laid before us. .

Music is his gift, to share it is his Destiny.


MYKENZIE'S "Wasn't Our Time" 

 I would mimic Whitney, Mariah and Christina Aguilera, they
 were my vocal inspirations but I was hard on myself and being so young I
 didn't believe I was where I wanted to be, vocally.  But when Alicia keys came out

 With the hit single Fallin, it was a wrap, I was ready, and thus began the journey.

 I am still very modest about my singing because I know how much more growth 
 there is for me.

Everybody has their time in life and the way God has laid the chips down for me I'm
simply following my heart, heading full force and going for it. I am still
building my voice but now I have confidence that I can do this and I am
keeping my faith, thankful for my support and taking this as far as my
voice will allow.

Fay close up.jpg


Fay Gauthier -Be What You Are (EP) 

Imagine a music concept that has no boundaries and does not conform to the traditional stadards of music production and development, a concept that you know its music , but how did it become a song? Kinda like "Who Thought of That" or something you would call "Extra Regular"? Just like the ocean in its self, you can" See" it and you know its "Deep" but whats in it? It looks inviting but also you know to respect its vastness, its soothing yet crashes against the rocks with such force where you know to be on guard an never careless. Now imagine all of that in music. Welcome to Fay !

We like to call her KT - All I Want

When you see and hear her you will understand why. Kara Tenae is an amazing talent , she has an awesome personality and is a real joy to work with. Her versatiliy as a singer song writer allows for many options but its her humility towards her gift that will advance her as a bonivide star. She's just about finished with her EP and when it hits, look out... 

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