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                                                       BTMB Ent. Bringing The Music Back. 


                                                                              Where old is new but still the same

BTMB Entertainment was formed as the entity that would bring forth a genre neural approach towards creating music and developing artist. It is our belief that true musical artist aren't defined by genre. Creative freedom maximizes an artist full potential and restores the fun and excitement to making timeless music. We emphasize music as auditory stimulation, a change agent for healing and stimulating the mind body and soul. We like well told stories , told with clarity , purpose and meaning , accompanied by great production with attention to impulse  frequency.


With a catalog of over 800 pieces of work in various genre's, our goal has been to Bring Back the values of creating music  that was once the foundation and the standard for creating great music.


We seek out the most talented artist performer, singer songwriter, pair them with the best producers and engineers and together we’ll create music that will transcend at every level in every genre. Philosophically and creatively we will change the game, we will do things out of the box that will captivate your mind stimulate your soul.  We will leave an imprint that will TRANSCEND music as you know it. 

  It's about giving back                                                                The Creative

Magical Moments

        Featured Artist

Blvck Jagger

When we blend R&B, Rock and a little pop with the creativity of a stage performing professional  you get the surprise of your life. BJ is mesmerizing. it gets hot in the room.

Mykenzie face_edited.jpg






jumped in with both


feet she has been


training relentlessly




her mind body and


vocals in syc and


ready for her fall


album production.


Stay  tuned

Can Cool large_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Can Cool

CC is a


Hip Hop R&B,


producer Singer


Songwriter who


has found a very


special lane for


himself and is


tearing up the


show circuit


780201591 Kano 2_edited.jpg

Lil Kano

This youngman, has taken his time to put together a catalog that has that unique blend of conscious Rap Hip Hop stories that make you say" Hmm.

Photo Oct 12 2023, 8 07 25 PM_edited.jpg

Uhani, Working her way around the microphone  is  common place for this talented artist. Imagine Alicia Keys, Erykah Badu and Summer Walker all in one with a traditional R&B twist 



Producer , writer singer, rapper. Armed with the gift of music art LuMm  is that rare multi-talented music artist. Passion, commitment and drive is what best describes him. 

KT color Parted 1_edited.jpg

Kara Tenae /KT

 a strong lyricist and a phenomenal writer fresh off the release of her CD Faith over Fear she is one of the most sought after artist today

Spot Collins 2 1600_edited_edited_edited

Spot Collins

Another singer songwriter, producer, actor and all around  extraordinary talent.  Spot's musical expression stands alone. He's different. 



KNS Rockstar

KNS will light up the charts as they get you acquainted with their soulful westcoast memphis funk. But the fun comes when they come at you with live performance up tempo Funk R&B tracks that feature their unique sound and style.




Reaux clearly knows what he's capable of,he has decided

to push the limits of his talent. it won't be long. The Next R&B sensation!

New Artist Spotlight


00:00 / 03:16
Uhani New Triggered 4 1600_Moment(2).jpg
00:00 / 03:31

CASPER'S voice is..


You better keep up, he's on one



MYKENZIE sound takes...








they go all in of this song.




RASKEEN needs 1 night..

It features a dynamic treo Raskeen, Ariel Matthew & Lejin Man. A must hear!


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